CMO/CIO Alignment

Only a few years ago, CMOs and CIOs lived in their own worlds with very little overlap. IT was focused on security, scalability, and performance, while marketing remained focused on time-to-market, branding, and sales. Today, the most successful businesses have merged marketing and technology in exciting new ways. To help our clients get there, Kanban works with organizational leaders to align goals, optimize processes, validate technologies, and streamline governance to assure success now and into the future.

Governance & Organization

Many organizations struggle to release technology projects on time or on budget. Despite the efforts of talented people, poor or unclear governance can derail major initiatives. To avoid these pitfalls, start by answering a few key questions: Who owns success? How are business goals protected? Who assures decisions are made? Who assures processes are followed? How are risks escalated? Kanban recommends a common framework for current and future projects, designed to define internal oversight, manage growing complexity, and respect corporate regulations.

Architecture & Roadmaps

A marketing technology architecture documents core capabilities and missed opportunities. Technology takes time to roll out and optimize. A coherent architecture and future roadmap assure your entire technology ecosystem is ready when you are. Kanban starts by documenting all the marketing technologies you use today and how they interact with one another. Once we understand your existing system, we identify future opportunities by priority to build a technology roadmap. This assures the marketing platform will remain efficient and effective as new business needs are identified.

Technology Selection

An important role for a marketing technology office is to build the technology ecosystem. Technology Selection not only focuses on finding the best products to meet corporate needs, but also on finding technologies that fit into the existing enterprise technology stack. Do you choose an integrated suite of products or individual best-of-breed products? What integrations are required? How will the product roll out to your various departments? Kanban will guide your organization through the maze of technologies and requirements to identify the right fit for you.

Getting Started:

MTO Diagnostic

We start with an audit of existing marketing technology operations to identify and document key elements such as decision making, content/data repositories, technologies, data collection/flow, and technology integrations. We then define a new, agile, holistic view of the marketing organization and how marketing technology fits into the enterprise, with opportunities and initiatives highlighted for consideration and planning.

Technology Evaluation and Selection

Technology is not one-size-fits-all. Identifying the right technology requires a knowledge of the industry, a well-defined evaluation process, detailed requirements, clear KPIs, and the time to work with key stakeholders and vendors. At Kanban, we go beyond theory to practice what we preach. We implement technologies and get our hands dirty testing and optimizing the product in real time, stretching the limits of what each technology can do to see how it may impact your business.

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