Kanban leads clients to stay current & competitive in an ever-changing
technology & marketing landscape.

Who we help:


Technology leaders looking for application development capabilities find security and value in Kanban. We specialize in large-scale, high-performance CMS-driven websites and rich interactive applications that leverage both commercial and open-source software. We help our clients achieve the greatest return for their technology investments.


Marketers and business leaders discover a unique balance of skills at Kanban: content strategy and architecture, rich-interface development & content management consulting. We are aligned to optimize and enable real-time dynamic publishing and the delivery of personalized, contextually-based content for digital marketing and eCommerce purposes.


We mesh well with traditional and interactive agencies. With a singular focus on lean development, Kanban utilizes a flexible and unique methodology that allows for rapid design iterations, speeds time to market, and ensures consistent, timely communications. If your projects and clients demand responsiveness, accountability, and value, look no further than Kanban.

What we do:

Analysis & Strategy

  • Technology/CMS Evaluation & Roadmap
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Content Creation, Curation, Publishing, & Reuse
  • Content Marketing
  • Global Content Distribution, Security, & Localization
  • Business Process Optimization (BPO)
  • Analytics & ROI


  • Software Architecture
  • Information/Content Architecture
  • Global/Regional Content Lifecycle & Communication Workflow
  • Technical/Functional Specifications
  • Customer/User Experience
  • Usability Prototyping & Research
  • Creative (through partners)


  • Web Content Management/Customer Experience Management
  • eCommerce
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Rich Interfaces & Content-rich Applications
  • Site Search
  • Mobile / Responsive Development
  • Social/Video Integration & Distribution

Deployment & Optimization

  • QA Testing
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • KPI/Metrics Reporting

how we do it:

With a distinguished, flawless track record of on-time, on-budget and on-scope deployments, Kanban is proud of our unique Agile development and delivery methodology, Kanban+. We know typical technology projects are unpredictable; exhibit an inability to enable business agility; and lack strong governance, cost control, transparency, and quality decision making. We’ve addressed these shortcomings with Kanban+. We can extend this methodology to manage client teams and third parties throughout the project lifecycle, or apply it strictly to our own scope and focus. Our teams and clients have realized the following benefits from Kanban+:

Prioritize Daily Tasks

Kanban+ utilizes visual cues to allow all team members & stakeholders to monitor status. Bottlenecks are quickly identified and alleviated. Changes in requirements are prioritized and re-prioritized daily.

Drive Organizational Maturity

Kanban+ is a catalyst for change. Not only is it a way of introducing Agile concepts in an evolutionary manner, but it is also a way of gradually improving the maturity of a client’s technology organization to deliver against business drivers.

Optimized Workflow

Potential impact from changes in the requirements can be addressed easily. Cross-Product synergies & conflicts are shown.

In a world where consumers voice their expectations and expect brands to respond, a slow-moving design and development process can leave your brand behind the innovation curve. Kanban+ pulls from the best aspects of Agile and Lean development, particularly Kanban, and traditional waterfall development and project management techniques.

According to a recent case study of the BBC [1] Lean Software Management BBC Worldwide Case Study By Dr Peter Middleton and David Joyce , Lean application development realized the following improvements over traditional methods:

  • 37% reduction of lead time to deliver software to customers
  • 73% reduction in development time
  • 8X increase in product releases

Let us show you how we can improve your team’s agility and marketing performance.

Contact us at (646) 837-5660 or contact@kanbansolutions.com.