The advanced features of Varnish Plus are essential for delivering content customers demand. Fine-grained controls let you create business rules for cache expiration that are synchronized with content publishing and merchandising, ensuring your audience sees the right content at the right time. By customizing Varnish -- using real-time performance tuning and custom statistics -- brands can create exceptional user experiences, serving rich media faster and more consistently, while also reducing impact on back-end servers. In short, it’s a Corvette for your content. With a rocket booster attached. And a professional driver behind the wheel.


As North America’s first certified, Varnish Plus Open Partner, Kanban combines deep technical capabilities in content management, ecommerce and web experience delivery, with proven results and business impact. By leveraging the Varnish Plus premium features and Kanban’s integrations with content management and ecommerce platforms, organizations can increase page response times, improve organic site traffic and reduce hardware usage. Being in complete control of content is essential for forward-thinking marketers looking to personalize experiences and drive commerce.

Varnish Cache integration partners Kanban Solutions show off Varnish Plus capabilities.

Content & Commerce Controls

Through our advanced integration of the Varnish Plus cache invalidation features, you can enact content and commerce rules like scheduling/expiring pricing and promotions at a granular level, serving the right content to each user.

Optimize For Mobile

Varnish Plus allows our clients to cache and serve unique, adaptive, cross-channel experiences with built-in mobile device detection. Track the success of each device with in-depth analytics.

Speed Integrations

API & Web Service integrations are a fact of life in any marketing technology stack. They also come with inherent risks, threatening data integrity and application performance. Kanban’s experts improve speed and reduce risk by optimizing API’s and related processes.

Real-Time Operations

When the Varnish Plus Administration Console is integrated with critical systems, marketing and IT professionals can, in real time, analyze, fine-tune and report on the performance of their most valuable web experience, hardware and software assets.

Reduce Risk

For retailers, publishers and direct-to-consumer manufacturers, website traffic is wildly unpredictable. By optimizing and integrating Varnish Plus, site administrators reduce stress on servers and mitigate the risk of website down-time.

Reduce Cost

With real-time performance tuning and integration with critical business systems, Kanban’s implementations reduce the number of servers necessary to run sites effectively, cutting infrastructure costs for our clients by an average of over 50%.

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