As a java-based platform, TeamSite is well aligned with modern frameworks and libraries that are available to extend and integrate its capabilities with commerce, portal, CRM, DAM and other systems. Having been built with marketing users in mind, TeamSite has strong personalization and targeting features via the Optimost module. Rich media management is enabled through integration with OpenText's DAM product, MediaBin. Another module, LiveSite, enables dynamic content delivery via a front-end framework with server-side mobile capabilities.


OpenText Teamsite has remained well-entrenched in enterprise web experience management, with hundreds, if not thousands of current implementations in the US. With many of these customers looking to get more out of prior investments, Kanban is working closely with OpenText to modernize and optimize existing implementations. With close to 10 years of experience with the platform, Kanban has developed a number of tools and processes aimed at the maximizing ROI of TeamSite for both business and IT stakeholders.


VIDEO: The Unification of Content & Commerce

This webinar will demonstrate how a unification of enterprise systems like OpenText TeamSite and Hybris can empower marketers, increase content ROI and improve site conversions.

OpenText TeamSite integration partners Kanban Solutions show off the TeamSite content management capabilities below.

Increase Page Speed

Speed delivery of rich pages & content to increase audience engagement and online conversions through advanced site optimization techniques.

Findability & Social

Increase organic rankings and social engagement by enhancing TeamSite components with meta-data and micro-tagging.

Syndicate Content

Improve time to market through automated content distribution processes, making assets extensible across owned, earned and bought points of presence.

Manage Video / Rich Media

Leverage the power of online video platforms & DAMs (ex. Vimeo, BrightCove, MediaBin) by managing, publishing and distributing rich media directly within the TeamSite interface.


Increase conversion and loyalty through mobile-optimized presentation templates and user experience via responsive and adaptive (ex. LiveSite Mobile) techniques.


Maximize budgets, reduce risk and improve business control with a TeamSite/LiveSite upgrade to the latest features and capabilities.


Increase operational efficiency and deliver personalized, in-context experiences by accessing customer and product data from CRM, ERP, DAM and other content & data-serving systems.


Increase agility and audience engagement through distributed authoring and publishing processes that allow for translation and localization of content and experiences.

Unify Content & Commerce

Unify TeamSite with eCommerce and eBusiness platforms for seamless user experience and improved sales, in both B2B and B2C scenarios.

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