Kanban helps you push the boundaries of engineering & marketing.

Our Point of View:

In our experience, you either do great creative or great engineering. Rarely can you find a single organization who can do both very well. With that in mind, we’ve set out to focus on software engineering. We make software fast, stable, and predictable. We help our clients get better at application development as well.

Many engineering firms rely on a sandbox to test different tools & products. We have one too, but more importantly, we have clients that allow Kanban to lead, influence, and inspire the technology architecture for their projects…which has us playing with both emerging technologies and proven packaged software on a daily basis. One aspect of our work is consistent in almost all cases: we are routinely asked to heavily customize available technology to meet business requirements.

If you are looking for basic implementations of commercial software, sure, we can do that. However, if you are looking for game-changing, innovative work to deploy robust, rich applications, you’ve come to the right place. We are at our best when challenged with your most critical initiatives. Tell us about your business objectives. We’ll be happy to discuss if Kanban is a fit for your needs.

Our Technologies:


HTML5 jQuery iOS Android Bootstrap Facebook

Content & Commerce

HP TeamSite Content Management System HP MediaBin IBM OpenCms
Varnish Plus Open Text Adobe Google Search Appliance
Solr hybris Jive Lucene
Hippo CMS Oracle Websphere Brightcove


Hibernate Spring Django


Python Java Microsoft dot Net


Oracle IBM DB2 Microsoft SQL My SQL
MongoDB Postgresql Redis SQLite

Strategic Technology Partner: Hewlett Packard

Expert HP TeamSite & LiveSite Optimization, Modernization and MediaBin Integration

Organizations across the world have made significant investments in the HP TeamSite content and web experience management platform. As marketers and IT professionals look to push the limits of digital marketing technology, many have looked to TeamSite and related systems, like DAM platform Media Bin to improve content-rich experiences across channels.

As an HP TeamSite Business Partner with nearly 10 years of experience, Kanban can bring your organization positive return on technology investments. From quick enhancements like video platform/DAM integrations and application performance tuning, to full enterprise integrations and upgrades (see unifying TeamSite with the Hybris eCommerce platform), Kanban can help optimize TeamSite for today's market.


Strategic Technology Partner: Hippo

Inspired Hippo CMS Implementation & Integration

As brands seek to differentiate through experience and content, many turn to marketing technology investments to drive innovation, agility and efficiency. When properly architected and implemented, web experience / content management (aka WEM/WCM) platforms like Hippo CMS can serve as the central hub for a variety of marketing technologies.

Kanban has recognized Hippo CMS as a flexible, extensible and scalable platform, suitable for both departmental and enterprise implementations. As one of only a handful of Java platforms in the market with strong capabilities in personalization and integration, and a unique component-model for cross-channel management, Hippo CMS is one of our favorite tools of the trade.


Strategic Technology Partner: Varnish Software

Lightning-Fast Varnish Plus Optimization & Integration

Both B2B and B2C consumers are demanding richer, more dynamic, more relevant content along their purchase journey. Videos, interactive media (360-degree product views, virtual tours) and high-res images have become the norm and may be sourced from a growing number of back-end and 3rd party systems. Existing approaches are often inadequate as many of those experiences are delivered via mobile devices, where bandwidth connections can vary greatly and are often slower than wired or fixed connections.

In partnership with Varnish Plus--Varnish Software's web performance and content delivery suite--Kanban looks to create highly optimized web experiences for our customers, improving page load speeds, regardless of bandwidth. By implementing Varnish Plus tools like Advanced Cache Invalidation and API Accelerator, and integrating them with experience management platforms like CMS and eCommerce, our clients have realized positive ROI within weeks and improved a number of critical KPIs. Check out the link below to see how.