case study:

Nikon's Improved Website Performance With Varnish Plus

A lightning-fast website has profound impact on engagement, conversions and overall customer satisfaction. By adding Varnish Plus, Nikon and Kanban created a more performant delivery tier while adding controls to manage and optimize the digital experience across customer touch points. Through a tight integration between Varnish Plus and Nikon’s CMS, we realized the following benefits:

  • Page response times cut by more than 50%.
  • Over 60% improvement in organic traffic for the three-month period following implementation.
  • Significant reduction in infrastructure and overhead costs.
  • Improved agility and reduced time to market.
Nikon Case Study
Varnish Cache

“We immediately saw how every tweak translated to performance in real time. Nikon is really excited about how fast the site feels now.”

Cindy Jeffus, Sr. Manager of Internet Operations, Nikon Inc.