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Hippo CMS / Video Management Integration

There are two main ways of authoring content as a contributor within Hippo CMS. The first, used in scenario 1 below, allows the content contributor to edit pages from the Channel Manager in an intuitive, drag-and-drop paradigm. The second, slightly more robust option, allows the contributor to work with the Content Manager.

Scenario 1: Selecting Video via “Channel Manager” in Hippo CMS 10

Using Components

In this first scenario, we are working within the Hippo 10 prototype page where content contributors use a graphical interface to “drag-and-drop” components (also known as widgets) onto the page. The widget in this example is the Video Connector built to integrate Hippo CMS with Brightcove. Before our Video Connector widget could be placed onto the page, we built out the page templates and defined the specific containers that can be modified by any contributor. The containers and components work with client-side frameworks and technology to define the layout and appropriate styling.

Selecting the Video File

Once the widget is embedded in the page, the content contributor creates a specific content item, in this case, a specific video file. To do this, the content contributor clicks open the Video Connector component. Within the component detail window, we are able to search Brightcove videos, sort the results, review the video metadata (pulled from Brightcove) and preview a thumbnail view.

Preview and Publishing

The contributor can view the selected video file in preview mode within the Hippo CMS interface, before publishing the file live.

Content Targeting and Testing

With Hippo CMS 10, content contributors and marketers can define a number of content variants to target audience segments with personalized experiences. Within the component detail window, the contributor can add alternative versions of the video file and associate that file with specific personas and campaigns, as well as performing A/B and multivariate testing.

Alternative Platform Video Files (not demonstrated)

The content contributor can select a video from an alternative platform, for example Vimeo, Youtube or any videos that are being stored in Hippo’s native repository. In a client-specific implementation, the content contributor can access any number of video platforms from a single, common Video Connector component.

Scenario 2: Selecting video via “Content Manager” in Hippo CMS 10

In this second scenario, the content contributor is able to work at the document level directly through the folder structure within the Content Manager. Once the video content item is open, the contributor can edit the file properties, update the metadata, and add custom metadata. Changes are tracked and versions are easily viewed once saved.

Scenario 3: Connector Administration and Configuration

In this last scenario, we demonstrate how to administer and configure the document type and CMS authoring controller with standard java parameters.