Global Information Supply Chain



design partner:


The client is a consumer products manufacturer with operations in nearly 100 markets across the globe.


With frequent product launches, news, and promotions, this organization required a system and set of processes to manage the distribution of products and related content in real time across dozens of languages. Adding to the complexity, each of the four major regions of operation maintained separate content management and product database systems with unique structures and business processes. Information security, simultaneous global delivery, and integrated workflow were considered paramount to success.


Kanban consulted and contributed to a global steering committee that defined the information supply chain, including architecture, workflow, and data standards. Kanban then implemented the standards for a sub-set of the four major regions, integrating both content management and asset management software and creating specific functions to transform content and assets into regional standards. Additional features included:

  • The solution replaced the antiquated and non-secure methods of content and asset distribution that included email, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Integrated image watermarking managed distribution and controlled where product assets exist on the internet.
  • Direct integration with translations provider allowed for quick and secure localization of content.


The resulting system unified a global organization, increased security, and significantly reduced time to publish. Key results include:

  • Optimized the distribution of assets and content across multiple systems and hundreds of users.
  • 75-80% reduction of labor hours associated with global product launches.
  • With less people involved, security was inherently tightened.


The technology stack includes:

  • HP TeamSite (Formerly Autonomy)
  • HP MediaBin (Formerly Autonomy Virage)
  • HP OpenDeploy and DataDeploy (Formerly Autonomy)
  • Digimarc for Images
  • GlobalLink Content Director