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The NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is the world's leading provider of continuing education, with over 2500 courses offered in a wide array of subjects. Every year, millions of students visit the SCPS website to register for courses that will help them build their careers. Kanban began working with NYU in 2006.


The SCPS Office of Information Technology turned to Kanban for help in reengineering the SCPS self-service online registration platform. The existing application was slow, cumbersome to maintain, and lacked key functionality. Specific objectives included:

  • Increase the scalability and performance of online registration, particularly during the busy online registration seasons.
  • Create personalization tools that help students achieve their education goals and stay connected to NYU.
  • Modernize the technology infrastructure of the registration system while improving the integration with existing NYU systems.
  • CMS-enable the registration application, making it easier for SCPS to keep the system current.
  • Reduce costs associated with expensive commercial software licenses and system administration.


Kanban redesigned and developed a new course registration system. Rather than build each component from scratch, Kanban implemented a set of proven open source technologies that were plugged into a flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA). The calendar, payment processing, and database services were all successfully integrated into a unified web application that provided a seamless experience for students and SCPS administrators. The result was a scalable platform with the following important achievements:

  • The Hessian binary web service protocol permitted fast and efficient integration with NYU's mainframe systems.
  • Clustered caching services allowed the SCPS website to handle extreme load during the busy online registration season.


The new course registration system delivered the following impact:

  • Dramatically shortened the number of steps required for students to register for courses.
  • Exposed the diversity of courses available for registration.
  • Reduced the number of abandoned applications.
  • The application was tested to support 10,000 registrations per second to support peak registration periods.
  • The site maintained 99.999% uptime during peak registration periods.


The team implemented the following technologies:

  • Java
  • WebLogic
  • Oracle
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Hessian (binary web service)
  • OpenCms
  • Sun Solaris

“Kanban plays an essential role in the architecture and development of NYU SCPS software, including our new website. They have an in-depth understanding of our processes and goals and have translated that into solutions that propel our business.”

George Tabback, Chief Information and Technology Officer, SCPS, NYU