eCommerce Product Filter



design partner:

Sposto Interactive

Nikon, a world leader in imaging products, has played a significant role in defining the photographic industry since 1917. Our team has been working with Nikon Inc. since 2007.


Because Nikon has over 2000 products & accessories, their customers had trouble navigating to their desired photography equipment quickly and efficiently. More specifically, customers had difficulty identifying products with a desired feature set. Nikon challenged Kanban to develop a new way of navigating the overwhelming product assortment and improve site conversion.


Kanban, working with creative design partner Sposto Interactive, architected and developed a new, faceted navigation allowing the filtering of products based on key attributes.

Different product categories also represented distinct opportunities to address user behavior. In the case of lenses, some customers might need a little education about lens features before they can choose the features that are right for them. For accessories, it’s about quickly navigating to what’s compatible with your product.

  • Instant results. As soon as the customer selects a filter, the list of products changes without a page reload.
  • Quickly find the product that’s right for you. Customers who know what features they want can see the products that match as fast as they can click “this, this, and this.”
  • Learn why lens features matter. For example, the tool shows what kinds of pictures they can take as they filter by different zoom ranges, so that they don’t have to understand focal length to pick a lens that serves their needs.
  • Only see accessories for your product. In the past, customers were presented with all camera cases, and they had to click into each one to see if it was compatible with their own camera. Now they can click to show only cases for the camera they enter. They can also add other types of accessories to the list—cords, batteries, or everything—without navigating away.
  • Automatic inclusion of new products. Nikon Inc. does not have to take any additional steps to have new products get included in the filter tool.


The resulting experience has dramatically improved the level of customer engagement.

  • Consumers exhibited a 3X increase in intent to purchase after interacting with the filter tool.
  • Over 70% of visitors spent more than 5 minutes interacting with the site (versus approx. 18% when not using the product filter tool).


The technology stack includes:

  • Lucene Solr is an open-source faceted navigation engine.
  • XML, Autonomy LiveSite, Spring Famework, Hibernate, Lucene, jQuery, JSON, HTML JavaScript templates
  • Autonomy TeamSite is used as the content management system. Nikon Inc. uses this system to manage all products and content. This content is stored in XML files and deployed to a relational database using DataDeploy.