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BBDO is a global ad agency with its headquarters in NYC and 287 offices in 79 countries. BBDO is a part of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC), a leading global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications company. BBDO is focused on creating and delivering the world’s most compelling commercial content.


BBDO’s process for handling digital assets was antiquated, slow, and expensive. Kanban’s software engineering team was engaged to help implement the agency’s digital media management system. Encompassing brand assets and other rich media used to support television, radio, print and online campaigns, the system had to allow users to easily access, utilize, and repurpose these materials while working collaboratively with co-workers and clients in the development of new programs and campaigns. Project objectives included:

  • The software had to serve as an asset repository.
  • The digital workflow had to distribute content for all three media types – TV, print, and radio – more cheaply and more efficiently.
  • The user experience had to be simple and intuitive for non-IT users.


Our software engineers worked closely with several organizations outside of BBDO to implement a solution. With a focus on integrating technology from Telestream and OpenText’s Artesia, the resulting application allowed users throughout the agency to work digitally from their desktops in the review, production, and distribution of ads. Using the new system, post houses could encode and submit content digitally via Telestream’s ClipMail Pro to BBDO, where it was automatically captured by a Telestream FlipFactory server and transcoded into QuickTime, DV, Avid, and MPEG formats with key frames extracted for rough-cut edits.

Once the file is captured, Artesia’s digital asset management solution provides BBDO with online access via a centrally managed repository to these videos as well as other creative materials such as images, graphics, and text-based documents used to develop advertising campaigns. OpenText’s Artesia also allows users to edit, transform, and distribute nearly any type of digital asset from their desktop, which includes delivery to the Telestream ClipExpress systems that were purchased to provide broadcast-quality viewing across BBDO.


Neither the Telestream nor the OpenText Artesia products were developed for this exact usage. Despite this, BBDO applied these technologies to a very specific intent and has seen huge success. BBDO has put a number of clients on the system as well. The implementation saved a significant amount of time and created intimacy with clients. The model created could serve the advertising industry as well as any other industry.

  • The growth of system adoption across the complete asset supply chain was significant and included users inside and outside of the agency.
  • The required effort to source and distribute content and assets was reduced from days to minutes.
  • The implementation significantly reduced the costs of storing and distributing digital media.


  • Telestream ClipMail Pro
  • Telestream ClipExpress
  • Telestream FlipFactory
  • Technology Roadmap
  • OpenText Artesia Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Java RMi

“We truly believed that the cost savings and the efficiency savings would be significant. And that’s proven to be the case.”

Dennis Pannuto, CIO, BBDO