Experience Optimization

Personalization through Single Sign On (SSO)

Content Engineer Shadeed WillisIntegrating a single sign on system (SSO) with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, as well as social platforms and other back-end systems, can provide marketing teams with the ability to personalize user experience and drive revenue. Today’s savviest digital marketers are combining their CRM systems, social platforms and other internal databases via SSO to broaden the customer experience, and are being rewarded with a three-dimensional understanding of their customers in return.

Companies can track, segment, and manage their customer base and provide new channels to engage audiences. Marketers can overlay social data from Facebook and Google with their CRM data and build greater awareness of customer demographics, affinities, and purchasing habits. From a technical perspective, it requires significant planning to ensure a full and secure SSO implementation and avoid gaps and a disconnect with industry standards. Continue reading