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Perils Of Open Source Software

Content Engineer DJ Gilcrease

We here at Kanban love Open Source code and attempt to use it wherever possible. This is much easier on the frontend (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) than it is on the backend (Depending on your platform of course). In almost every frontend project we have worked on we have automatically included one Open Source JavaScript library: jQuery.

In a recent project, one of our goals was to speed up page load & rendering time on the product listing and detail pages (The product detail page used to take 15 seconds to render). One way to do this is to dynamically load in data/DOM only when it is needed. Doing so either required the backend to learn how to render data for each section separately, or to use frontend templates. With the particular backend system we are using, making it learn how to render each section individually would not be worth the effort, so we settled on jQuery Templates[1].

Even though it was in beta, it was being officially backed by the jQuery team and Microsoft. Though we understood that beta software would have bugs, it was an acceptable risk.

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