Kanban to Speak at Varnish Summit


Kanban is proud to be speaking at Varnish Software’s Summit in New York City on June 4th, 2015, an annual gathering of web performance-minded experts focused on making the web faster.

Varnish Software, with its Varnish Plus product, and Kanban are leading an internet industry movement focused on performance and the optimal delivery of content-rich experiences across any device.

This year’s Varnish Summit, held in both NYC and Silicon Valley, brings together experts from The New York Times, Surfline, Varnish Software and Kanban to highlight the latest advancements and innovations propelling web performance.

Kanban’s CEO and Chief Software Architect, Josh Manton, will be speaking at a session entitled, Balancing Performance and Control in the Era of Customer Experience.

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Read on for a short outline of Kanban’s session.

Balancing Performance and Control in the Era of Customer Experience (Varnish Summit, June 4th, NYC)

Both IT and marketing professionals are now tasked with working together to drive improvements in customer experience, and every organization is now looking at that experience to differentiate their brand and positively impact revenue.

Great customer experiences are:

  • Optimized for speed and delivery on all devices
  • Integrated from multiple data sources
  • Contextually personalized and localized
  • Findable and consistent across channels

To create these experiences, engineers and technologists must apply a mix of tools and techniques to improve performance, including use of client-side and server-side processing, code consolidation/optimization, asset compression, CDNs, caching, API management and more.

However, any performance improvements are short-sighted without proper controls. In this session, Kanban’s CEO and Chief Software Architect will outline how we balance performance and control in the era of customer experience with some specific examples of Varnish Software implementations and integrations.

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