Kanban Partner HippoCMS Announces First U.S. Conference


Since the Summer of 2014, Kanban has been in love with Hippo.

Before that, we were making eyes at them from across the room, digging their style. But last summer, our engineers dug a little deeper and saw what was underneath–an open-source, modern framework; a robust developer community; an extensible architecture built on Java. That was when we carved our names in the tree. Kanban + Hippo.

We trained with their team, became certified Hippo partners and created solutions for our clients. Now that they are hosting their first conference here in the U.S.–Hippo Connect, coming to Boston on October 1st–we are excited to join them as a sponsor and speaker, highlighting how leading brands can use intelligent content engineering principles to drive revenue, reduce costs and boost site performance.

We are not the only ones excited about the possibilities HippoCMS presents for our clients, and for web-based businesses in general.

Last fall, when Kanban and Hippo wanted to do a webinar to introduce our insights on how seamless, content-rich experiences could be a brand differentiator, we called on Robert Rose. His insights on the evolution of the customer experience outlined how flexible, modular and robust CMS platform like Hippo were perfectly positioned for the future of digital marketing.

Now, he is the keynote speaker of Hippo Connect 2015. We can’t wait to see what a year of perspective has brought to his presentation.

We are also excited to hear how HippoCMS is being employed by established members of the business community. Keynote speaker Jeroen van Rotterdam is CTO and VP of Engineering in the Enterprise Content Division at EMC. We are excited to hear about EMC’s vision for Hippo and the value for their enterprise clients.

For more information on the conference, visit the Hippo Connect website today. Or you can contact us for free tickets by emailing [email protected] We hope to see you in Boston!



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