Kanban Launches Enhanced Experience Management Platform for Nikon’s Press Room

New York, NY, May 14, 2012 /PR Newswire/Kanban, who engineers inspiring, content-centric interactions on web, mobile devices, and emerging technology platforms for real-time marketers, has successfully partnered with Nikon Inc. and their public relations and social media partner MWW, to launch a modernized, media-centric experience for the journalist and press community. The Nikon USA Press Room was redesigned by MWW Group and boasts:

  • An innovative interface that lets you locate the press release you need without reloading the page.
  • One-click access to multi-format media assets (press kit, podcasts, videos, images, marketing copy, etc.).
  • Lightbox presentation of videos and podcasts.
  • A centralized experience management system (Autonomy LiveSite and TeamSite) accessible by both Nikon and their partners.
  • Secure publishing: press releases go live only when the new product does.
  • Translation and localization capabilities across six sites.
  • Tight integration with the digital asset repository (Virage MediaBin).

“We have always acknowledged the importance of the media community in our marketing efforts at Nikon. Our updated press room site will provide journalists with a simple, intuitive and centralized source for Nikon news and media assets,” said Cindy Jeffus, Manager Internet Operations for Nikon Inc.

With a focus on software engineering, Kanban routinely works with partners to deliver on a project vision. Whether it be a creative agency, SEO firm or a team of strategy consultants, Kanban acts as the glue across the partner ecosystem. “Being responsible for building and deploying immersive digital experiences for our clients, the buck stops with us. We centralize all of the relevant inputs from complex multi-partner project teams to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Think of us as the digital implementation agency – we ask the tough questions, align disparate teams and deliver as promised for our clients,” said Josh Manton, Kanban’s CEO.

About Kanban

Founded in 2006, Kanban Solutions LLC, provides software engineering, and application development services to global brands across a number of industries; including consumer electronics, higher education, publishing, manufacturing, and media. Based in New York City, Kanban has developed solutions for such notable brands as Nikon, NBC Universal and New York University. Kanban specializes in complex web applications that leverage content management systems, rely on rich interfaces, and deliver business results. Through a unique and highly effective delivery methodology, Kanban’s clients are more agile and responsive, enabling content marketing innovation on a 24×7 real-time basis.

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