Kanban Invests in Content & Commerce Technologies to Further Support Market Demand

New York, NY, September 6, 2012 /PR Newswire/Kanban, who engineers inspiring, content-centric interactions on web, mobile devices, and emerging technology platforms for real-time marketers, has completed a round of analysis and investment in the software platforms most coveted by today’s business and marketing leaders. After an evaluation of key software functions within Kanban’s existing client organizations, industry best practices, and recent project work, Kanban has identified a number of technologies supporting its content and commerce focus.

During the first half of 2012, Kanban has focused on the following vendor technologies and platforms, investing in strengthening partnerships, training staff, and implementing solutions:

  • Adobe CQ5 Content Management
  • Brightcove Online Video Platform
  • ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenDJ (for federated systems and single sign-on solutions)
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce & Web Content Management
  • Jive Software (for community management, social listening, and content syndication)
  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce

As marketers and business leaders turn to software for continued enhancement of both internal and external capabilities, functions, and processes, Kanban works to fill in knowledge gaps, drive integration, and provide strategic guidance on marketing technology architectures and implementations. “For our clients, the intersection of content and commerce was never as important as it is today. As part of Kanban’s continued growth, we have added to our skills and capabilities across a number of software platforms,” says Philip Wisniewski, Kanban’s Head of Client Development.

For many brands, the proliferation of marketing systems has widened the gap between those technologies and internal skills and resources. With a focus on engineering, Kanban’s business model enables our teams to maintain both depth and breadth across content and commerce technologies. To support this strategy, Kanban has expanded both the content and commerce practice groups with recent hires, new client wins, and technology acquisition. “We are well aligned with our clients and their technology needs as we look towards the second half of 2012 and through 2013. Our clients are already seeing the benefits of our investments and will undoubtedly do so moving forward,” adds Josh Manton, Kanban’s CEO and Chief Software Architect.

About Kanban

Founded in 2006, Kanban Solutions LLC, provides software engineering, and application development services to global brands across a number of industries; including consumer electronics, retail, technology, manufacturing, and media/publishing. Based in New York City, Kanban has developed solutions for such notable brands as Nikon, NBC Universal, and New York University. Kanban specializes in complex web applications that leverage customer experience, content, and commerce technologies and systems, rely on rich interfaces, and deliver business results. Through a unique and highly effective delivery methodology, Kanban’s clients are more agile and responsive, enabling marketing innovation on a 24×7 real-time basis.

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