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Introducing…The OpenText TeamSite Whisperers!


Whoever said content is king probably never went through a CMS implementation. Whether it’s changing requirements, processes that never get adopted, or the wrong choice of vendor sending the project way over budget, it is no secret that CMS implementations fail, and fail badly, in the wrong hands. Anecdotal evidence is here and has been noted for some time here to indicate that most CMS projects are rescue missions, helping customers of some of America’s largest CMS technology vendors out of serious trouble.

How can your content management system, and specifically your TeamSite implementation, be optimized for your business?

To help the over 90% of Kanban clients who grapple with CMS issues, we call on the TeamSite Whisperers. This group of OpenText TeamSite & LiveSite experts have created a suite of tools and implementation best practices designed to get more from your current implementation, smooth upgrades and enable migrations to the TeamSite platform. Whether you want to drive commerce with content, address page load speeds or integrate an online video and digital asset management (DAM) system, the TeamSite Whisperers are here to help.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll further  introduce you to the select TeamSite Whisperers noted below, ask them questions about their work and share how to best unlock the potential of OpenText TeamSite for your business. Check back here often for more info from our experts.


Meet The OpenText TeamSite Whisperers


Content Engineer Melvin Monteiro

Name: Melvin Monteiro
Title: Senior Backend Engineer
Specialty: MongoDB, SOLR, Brightcove, Java TeamSite
Experience: I was introduced to TeamSite at LNTInfotech when it was in Version 6.5. We were not using LiveSite so I was using PERL, no Java. I had some experience with Java at that point but we didn’t use it for TeamSite. With Kanban, I have worked on many integration projects in Java and seen improvements in site speed and search rankings.



Content Engineer Josh Manton 2

Name: Josh Manton
Title: CEO / Lead Software Architect
Specialty: MongoDB, SOLR, Varnish
Experience: I have been working on TeamSite for 11 years, first with RGA for clients like Hilton and Avaya, then with Kanban representing Nikon. I have worked with many OpenText products like TeamSite, LiveSite, MediaBin, OpenDeploy and DataDeploy.






















Content Engineer Mike Marmar

Name: Mike Marmar
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Specialty: SOLR, BazaarVoice, Java TeamSite
Experience: I’ve been working with TeamSite for almost 9 years now. I started at Molecular in 2008, right out of college, on the Nikon implementations they were doing. This, of course, transitioned to Kanban, where I have worked on the same types of implementations. I have helped improve search functionality with SOLR and the integration of reviews from BazaarVoice.

Content Engineer Winson Wang

Name: Winson Wang
Title: Junior Backend Engineer
Specialty: MongoDB, BazaarVoice, Java TeamSite
Experience: I develop in TeamSite on a daily basis, improving performance and usability of customization done by Kanban. Recently, I worked on integrating an image compression utility into a TeamSite workflow so content authors worry less about the size of their images. Previous to that, I integrated LiveSite and Bazaarvoice to display ratings and reviews on a client’s website.






















Content Engineer David Gili Casals

Name: David Gili Casals
Title: Technical Architect
Specialty: MongoDB
Experience: Before Kanban, I had worked on similar CMS platforms to TeamSite; from Documentum to Alfresco. With Kanban, I have worked to extend data APIs and add search integration between LiveSite and a Google search appliance that indexes the content of sites.

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