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Forrester Publishes Latest Wave for Digital Experience Platforms

digital experience kanban 2Just a couple weeks ago, Forrester released its much anticipated Wave for Digital Experience Platforms*.  The annual, detailed review of content and customer experience technologies draws both praise and criticism.  Those vendors that qualify to participate leave their fate in the hands of a scoring paradigm focused on both current offerings and strategy boiled down to two numbers plotted on an X and Y axis.

Critics claim that no important technology decision can be quantified without applying the lens of organizational context and maturity; and therefore the Wave is misleading.  Forrester agrees, to an extent, and suggests that the Wave be used by organizations to get a feel for the marketplace, that they utilize the detailed research data to customize rankings based on their unique needs and acknowledges that viable firms may exist that do not qualify for participation.

With this in mind, we took a moment to review any notable trends since the last Digital Experience Wave conducted in Q3, 2014**.  They are…

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The Technology Behind Content-rich Customer Experience


Kanban Web Content Management


Customer experience is getting plenty of attention. And rightfully so. According to a 2015 report issued by Watermark Consulting, organizations that focus on customer experience generate a total return that is 35 points higher than the S&P Index. So what’s the catch?

There is a high bar to clear in order to establish the level of trust and experience required for a customer to enter into a brand relationship. Audiences expect highly personalized offers and information; continuity of experience across channels; and ease of use. That’s not easy for most companies. Doing it right requires talented marketing and IT resources, effective communication across the organization, a healthy supply of discipline and of course, the right tools to create and manage high quality content.

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The 2015 Gartner WCM Magic Quadrant: Our Reactions and Takeaways!

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Depending on where you sit, you either love the Gartner Magic Quadrant, or you hate it.

You love it as an IT manager tasked with due diligence to select a new CMS. As the media in the web content management space, it gives you something to talk about and sound credible. As a participating WCM vendor, you love the promise of all those new leads you may now see by merely being added to the short list of many selection committees.

And you may also hate the MQ. As a smaller vendor that does not meet the inclusion criteria, you can only dream of your time in the spotlight.  As an analyst, you likely have your own view of the vendor landscape. And as marketer, you’re probably asking “who the heck is Gartner”.

For us at Kanban, we love to see our technology partners like Adobe, Hippo, HP, and IBM recognized for their success. Working hands-on with many of the tools in the MQ, we have our own opinion-shaping experiences that may not always align with Gartner’s view. Most of all, we are excited by what the MQ suggests as far as the state of the WCM market. Continue reading

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Making The Case For A TeamSite Upgrade

When working with enterprise content management systems, the decision to upgrade is not to be taken lightly. How will bug fixes and feature changes impact things like prior customizations and extensions (ex. API integrations and third-party tools)? Will performance be impacted (for better or worse)? Will an upgrade make your system more or less vulnerable to security risks?  And then there’s the most important question of all: is an upgrade worth the time and cost it will take to get it done?

 Earlier this month, HP announced the end-of-life for TeamSite Version 7.2. This announcement marks an April 2016 end-date for support services. For many existing clients, the decision to upgrade will be discussed in conference rooms across the world, and perhaps without resolution until almost too late. With stakeholders weighing the pros and cons of upgrading to TeamSite 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 or even 8.0, there are several areas for consideration.    

The TeamSite Upgrade Timeline
The TeamSite Upgrade TimelineClick To Enlarge

TeamSite Whisperers are long-time proponents of working with the most up-to-date systems. If you are struggling to make the case for an upgrade, you are likely appealing to two separate, yet equally important groups; the marketing / business team and the IT team. Some may not need convincing at all. But for those who do, we have come up with a simple guide to help you sound the alarm for an upgrade in the most successful way possible.

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Intelligent Content Will Change the World (and Differentiate your Brand)

ICC_LogoFor those of you who missed the 7th annual Intelligent Content Conference, you missed an industry inflection point that was, in my opinion, epic and transformational.

What made this conference so epic? Intelligent content (see definition below) started as a discipline reserved for technical documentation publishers (think your TV manual in 25 languages).  These folks have worked with structured content for purposes of reuse and translation for years.  Now, all that know-how is being exposed to marketers.

Marketers are not the only ones benefitting from this new relationship – tech publishers have rarely needed to publish content to a specific audience within a customer journey (the modern day marketing manifesto), so the notion of personalization and adaptive content is quite foreign for most tech documentation professionals. In short, the relationship between these two groups is a match made in heaven. Continue reading