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Countdown to Confab: 4 Questions with Philip Wisniewski

Content engineer Philip Wisniewski

After a hellish New York winter that saw snow falling as recently as last week, why would Kanban’s EVP of Client Development Philip Wisniewski want to travel to Minneapolis just as the weather starts to warm up?

For Confab Central, of course!

As an evangelist for how marketers can harness the harmony between content and commerce, Philip has been looking forward to Confab all year as a chance to reconnect with content professionals, authors and thought leaders from Instagram, Marriott and GE. But this year, he has a higher purpose as well.

What are you hoping to learn from Confab this year?

I want to know how content strategy as an industry has evolved. Has the industry begun to understand the importance of content engineering? At the 2013 Content Marketing World conference, Joe Pulizzi revealed a study that showed that most enterprises do not have a written, documented content marketing strategy. When marketers begin to document these strategies, I think they will uncover some interesting needs, mature related processes and see better results.

What are some of the basic principles of your Confab presentation?

At the beginning of 2014, 58% of businesses said they plan to increase their content marketing budgets this year. The reason why is simple: content continues to be the currency for marketers to engage audiences, whether that is B2B or B2C. There are hundreds of tools that may be involved in modern content lifecycle management, where content is the connective tissue that flows from system to system. But what happens when part of that content thread goes down? What happens when you want to deliver a message in a new way, to a new type of device, for example? These are not just content challenges. These considerations require engineering solutions.

With all the focus on content, and the proliferation of technology that marketers use, the intersection of these two disciplines should evolve the conversation within every brand to include both content strategy and content engineering. Colleen Jones, principal at Content Science and I want to discuss how engineering and technology investments are now part of an effective content strategy conversation.

At the end of the day, we believe there is a natural balance between content strategy and content engineering. The two cannot be separated.

How does Confab stand apart from other conferences?

Confab is the premier content strategy event, focusing on content strategy as a growing industry. Its main goal is helping content strategists have a deeper understanding of their discipline. But the most important function of Confab now is helping marketers understand the importance of a documented, prepared content strategy. If your content strategy isn’t documented, it is wishful thinking.

Who are you most excited to see at Confab?

I am most interested in how large corporations are handling content strategy across all the audience touchpoints they have. I am excited to hear from Meghan Walsh from Marriott and Katrina Craigwell from GE. Katrina has created a visual storytelling platform to leverage the “wow factor” of GE’s innovations. I would love to know how they use technology to syndicate content across multiple platforms for maximum reach.

Meghan’s presentation will discuss many of the problems Kanban seeks to solve, from making content more responsive to displaying content on all different devices beyond web and mobile.

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing Cleve Gibbon. I have seen Cleve speak before and we have a lot in common, as he is a technologist working in the marketing world.
Check back with us soon, as we will have ongoing Confab coverage before and during this year’s conference! If you want to learn more about Philip’s presentation from last year’s Confab Conference, check out the case study below!


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