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Content (Marketing) is finally getting some street cred … again.

Content engineer Philip Wisniewski

Many of us can recall the time we first came across the term “Content is King.” For me, it was probably around 1996 or 1997 (thank you, Bill Gates) and at the time, just about every brand was racing to have a presence on the internet.

Back then, it was mostly static brochure-ware, lending itself to the growth of content’s reign over the digital marketing. Somewhere between the late ’90s and today, we saw a shift in focus, or perhaps more than one shift. From eyeballs in 1999 to user-centered design in 2002 to Web 2.0 rich interfaces shortly thereafter.

And now, after keeping the user front and center, deploying rich apps to any user anywhere, we are back to a focus on the ultimate marketing currency…content.In a not-so-surprising research piece released last year, the Custom Content Council with Roper Affairs shared the results of a CMO and Consumer Attitude study on custom content marketing. And guess what … Content is King again! Here are a few highlights from the study:

You Are Not Alone
  • 35% of CMOs surveyed believe that custom content marketing is the future of marketing, versus 19% in 2006 when the study was last run.
  • CMOs see an increased value to custom content – 87% feel it’s valuable in 2011 versus 72% in 2006.
Consumers Get It and Want More of It
  • 73% of consumers prefer to get information from a company in the form of a collection of articles over an advertisement.
  • 69% of consumers like that custom content marketing targets their interests.
  • 67% feel that custom content from a company is valuable.
  • 61% feel better about a company that delivers custom content AND are in turn more likely to buy from that company.
Key Takeaways
  • As consumers become more and more savvy in blocking interrupt-driven advertising, they will recognize and reward brands that provide added value via informative and inspirational content.
  • Marketers and technologists have a plethora of tools at their disposal to simplify content creation and delivery; however, with all of the choices in the marketplace, making the right technology decision is harder than ever.
  • As solution providers like Kanban prove the content marketing model effective, marketers and technologists will further realize the power of content and do so with agility and a high degree of sensitivity to customer needs.
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