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Content engineering: Why your content strategy will fail without it!

Content engineer Philip WisniewskiContent strategy is growing up and what used to be a mostly ad-hoc process has become increasingly specialized and adopted by marketers everywhere. In today’s environment, what often sets a successful content strategy apart from a failure is not the strategy per se, but rather the required engineering as the geeky underbelly of content; the technology, processes and inherent integrations required to efficiently boost ROI of content-based initiatives.

And smart marketers are taking notice – in BtoB’s “2013 Marketing Automation Study”, 42% of respondents said they would set aside new funds for marketing automation over the following 12 months, which includes content management and digital asset management.  These visionary marketers are taking a holistic approach to not only what they want to communicate, but the technologies, processes and system architectures to manage, relate, process and deliver content effectively.

Kanban’s latest white paper, co-authored in partnership with Content Science, explores these two areas of specialization that must work in harmony — content strategy and content engineering — and where they intersect, which we define as content maturity. A content strategy defines what your organization will accomplish with your content based on your current needs. Content engineering integrates back-end process, storage and publishing best practices, in other words, making the technology invisible so that you as a marketer can focus on delivering your core messages.

This white paper should be particularly helpful for organizations that are struggling to scale their content operations and aim to become truly agile through the balance of content and engineering best practices.


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